About The Book

"What we seek is the simplicity of the complexity within the complexity of the simplicity."

Science tells us the creation of our universe began with the Big Bang 13.809621 billion years ago. But what was there before the Big Bang?
Herein lies the answer. Yes! This book begins 13.81 billion years ago—slightly before the Big Bang itself.

Science says the Big Bang was the most violent event there has ever been. It produced unimaginably infinite temperature, infinite density, and infinite energy—all never to be repeated. And from that incredible event came the creation of all we know, see, and have an awareness of.

Within this book, we thoroughly examine the new relationship of creation brought about by the Big Bang and all that ensued, from the minute to the massive—flavours, atoms, elements, moons, planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, the whole of the universe.

That is the science.

Because religion addressed the creation centuries before science, our endeavor considers religion as well. Our ultimate goal is a unified perspective of the creation from both science and religion. Science seeks the theory of everything (ToE) as its crown edifice. However, we seek more than that. In these pages, we reveal the real proof of everything (RPoE) and from that . . . where we came from and where we’re going—the alpha and omega of everything.

Once upon a TIME 13.81 Billion Years Ago takes you on the most remarkable journey of your life—the journey of all journeys. It will confirm what your inner consciousness has always known but could never find a way to express. Having absorbed the incredible knowledge, examined the evidence, and understood the implications within, you will experience an epiphany and simply state, “Of course that’s it!”

"Patience is a virtue, albeit a difficult one. Tenacity is also a virtue. It is by being tenacious with patience that we can achieve our objectives."