From The Author

"To understand the bigger picture is to understand yourself."

Dear Reader,
As the author of Once upon a TIME 13.81 Billion Years Ago, I humbly present myself as your guide and, more important, your friend on this most remarkable journey you are about to embark on. As your friend, I feel it’s very important you are aware that our journey will reveal an understanding of such importance that it may very well be the most important any of us ever experiences in this life! As such, I do not seek any credit for what is herein, as I am merely your guide for the journey you are about to take, and the real credit belongs to the intellectual giants, all participants (including you), and the authority I reference.

You are about to gain an appreciation that each and every one of us is much more than you may realize. Without exception, every one of us and everything is a unique and singularly extraordinary participant in all there ever has been, is, and ever shall be!

Welcome to the journey of all journeys that for everything, including you and me, began once upon a time 13.81 billion years ago.

Most sincerely,
J. C. Faris, a friend and your guide

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